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  1. Psykonalle

    Hurricane Florence

    +1 /US-Knight-1
  2. Psykonalle

    Mythic Creature Tames

    For iron hook arrows you make/get everything except for the mushrooms. These you but in the city. Then you craft the arrows. For the mystical feed the easiest way is to buy the carnivore+herbivore feed from the vendor, grow the clovers yourself and craft the chaos essence youself. You can also buy the ingredients for the acidic acid, make it and use the cooking herb you get while growing clovers to make the herb feed yourself. This requires more effort but is cheaper. A lvl 20 Windrider requires roughly 250 iron hooks, 50 350 and 120 up to 800. These arr rough numbers, so it can be both more or less. Best to make sure you have enough.
  3. Psykonalle

    Dark and Light - Update on Shard of Faith

    Are we close enough to be provided with a weekly update of the DLC? A couple of new screenshots per week?
  4. Psykonalle

    New player Suggestions

    You have some good points and ideas, but that text... Try listing them (e.g. with numbers) to make them easier to read.
  5. Eventually it will be back to its normal size. Some creatures stay like that longer. You may be looking at hours, maybe days. I reported this bug in July, so they are aware of it.
  6. Psykonalle

    Wolves spawning in base

    File a ticket to the support team and include the coordinates. We have the same thing going on in one of our bases.
  7. Psykonalle

    Can barely harvest resources

    Hi, Try this:
  8. Psykonalle

    Dark and Light - Update on Shard of Faith

    Thank you for the screenshots! Really appreciate every new update of the DLC
  9. Psykonalle

    Dark and Light - DLC Sneak Peak

    Do you have some more eye candy? It has been a couple of weeks since these pictures or any new info regarding the DLC.
  10. Psykonalle

    Hurricane Florence

    I support this decision. Let's however not go too far. We'll see how things are by the beginning of next week. Florence is now only cat 1. If necessary, the timers can be extended, but people should really not be taking advantage of this.
  11. So far, you'll only be able to build on the Monarch Crab in the dlc. There are ways to counter tanky flying creatures in DnL that do not exist in Ark. That being said, as long as the game is balanced, I appreciate it not being like Ark.
  12. Psykonalle

    Inbox full after one message?

    It is indeed! Thank you very much
  13. Psykonalle

    Inbox full after one message?

    It has not. This should be a 5 min fix. It's Invision community-hosted forums...
  14. Psykonalle

    Inbox full after one message?

    Ping @Stormborn! Any chance you could have a look at this? Should be a setting for this in the forums' admin panel.
  15. Psykonalle

    Suggestions for Calculated's forum image

    Why not a nice picture of the inventor of calculus: Gottfried Leibniz ?