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  1. Defenderftw

    Trying the Game Nearly a Year Later

    Games hard
  2. Defenderftw

    Godhand Land

  3. Defenderftw

    Quick Shoutout

    Just wanted to throw out a friendly shoutout to House Legolas on a fantastic waste of time the last two months. You made an exceptional attempt to gather, build, and expand under the "new player" and "do nothing but help" excuses just to be completely stifled in one night. Your true colors were showing for quite some time and the minute we decided to actually care you were shown just how easily your efforts could be handled. Good luck on your next server :)
  4. Defenderftw


    Sorry super late reply. There a BIG tree in that rock in front of you on the SS. Gotta chop it down. (very left portion of the rock) The hit box of it is interfering with placing the table.
  5. Gotta reiterate this point. Fine work this patch. Keep it comin!
  6. Defenderftw


    You gotta cut down the big tree next to it Edit: The thing in the rock there on your screenshot
  7. Defenderftw

    Starving way too quickly

    I was messing with it a little bit more and I now know that one of the factors has to do with the additional health I have on the items. Equipping them leaves me at nearly half health which immediately begins draining my hunger. I'm assuming this is something that will be addressed down the road so that vitals don't have to constantly be dealt with as players switch items. Til then, time to carry a buncha food.
  8. Defenderftw

    Starving way too quickly

    Nah thats not the issue. Temperature wise my character is perfectly fine. Regardless of the combination of pieces or if I simply throw on just the chest; hunger drops dramatically. Stacking balefire only makes it worse. For reference I am using epic quality.
  9. I was testing different armors when I came across what I assume is a bug or needs re balanced. Specifically when I was wearing a balefire chestpiece my hunger drops at an insanely fast rate. 1+ point per second and it only gets worse as you add more armor. Please confirm whether this is intended (therefore making it a terrible set to wear)
  10. Defenderftw

    Days goin pretty well...

    This tame factory is usually holding 5 evolving at a time. We got so used to everything being so sub-par that all evolves became scrolls. Needed diapers after this one tho.
  11. Defenderftw

    Days goin pretty well...

  12. Defenderftw

    Days goin pretty well...

    Screenshots to come
  13. Defenderftw

    Taming Sacred griffin

    Aye. Make sure youre breaking every arrow...