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  1. I know @Stormborn mentioned she had ideas for upcoming events. Any chance we can get a treasure chest hunt part 2? and any other kind of cool event? others post some thoughts here
  2. Godhand

    How bad is your addiction?

    2,300 since November 2017 400 on initial Launch. How bad is my addiction? I've activated all three dark altars IRL once Official server lifestyle
  3. Two Q&A's ago I asked to verify if the "new" alloys and paints will be added to the Sacred Path. Jimmy responded "absolutely" with no hesitation. Kind of asking again with the changes and everything but also making this post to just to kind of bump that as a reminder. Small things are often overlooked and forgotten in game dev.
  4. If that server was apart of the 10 in the treasure hunt event then yes those alloys could be on official servers.
  5. Godhand

    What can destroy summoning pools?

    skullcracker or firestorm 2
  6. Godhand

    Dark and Light August Community Live Stream

    Awesome! another form of submitting questions would utilize the time a bit more for sure. and when taking questions from chat definitely rapid fire style . Thanks guys!
  7. Title describes my marriage.
  8. Godhand

    Using an Airship

    It's been fixed at least since April or May. Airships used to trample damage manor but was shut off sometime before April/May
  9. Godhand

    Three Altars

    Best practice is to build a pen to trap your windrider and tame it all under same roof. and then build a building around your pen. wood/stone work just fine.
  10. Godhand

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Not being critical! I was making fun of myself for hounding them. They are doing a good job overall IMO.
  11. Godhand

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    We got that Q&A 3 months later tho! success!
  12. Its ok to be proud of accomplishments in a game that you love to play.
  13. Ha! No way! If you didnt get a massive castle done or didnt max your character to 60 then you failed the 2x!
  14. I have a maxed attack character and the greatsword i was holding is a legendary 324 damage one
  15. We had started this project a couple weeks before the event and the 2x event really fed our work ethic on this project. many many trips around the map with 5+ windriders and a flarehorn at one time. It was made for security more than beauty but proud none the less. The house took time today to celebrate and give ourselves a little pat on the back. We took the structure to the height limit also for idea of scale. we went 5 giant gates deep for more protection than likely necessary .