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  1. Title describes my marriage.
  2. Godhand

    Using an Airship

    It's been fixed at least since April or May. Airships used to trample damage manor but was shut off sometime before April/May
  3. Godhand

    Three Altars

    Best practice is to build a pen to trap your windrider and tame it all under same roof. and then build a building around your pen. wood/stone work just fine.
  4. Godhand

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Not being critical! I was making fun of myself for hounding them. They are doing a good job overall IMO.
  5. Godhand

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    We got that Q&A 3 months later tho! success!
  6. Its ok to be proud of accomplishments in a game that you love to play.
  7. Ha! No way! If you didnt get a massive castle done or didnt max your character to 60 then you failed the 2x!
  8. I have a maxed attack character and the greatsword i was holding is a legendary 324 damage one
  9. We had started this project a couple weeks before the event and the 2x event really fed our work ethic on this project. many many trips around the map with 5+ windriders and a flarehorn at one time. It was made for security more than beauty but proud none the less. The house took time today to celebrate and give ourselves a little pat on the back. We took the structure to the height limit also for idea of scale. we went 5 giant gates deep for more protection than likely necessary .
  10. I do up to 4,000 damage with our very best melee weapon and gear. the set ive been running around with on streams lately is doing 3580 with my air spear power attack and and 3350 with my great sword It's not secret you forge gloves for bonus melee
  11. standing still will get you the most accurate shot. even cob web the boss if you need to. watching streams could help give you ideas. I stream and a lot of my housemates do also
  12. Finally got the legendary cave armor (Official server)
  13. Godhand

    Bel'xahl's respown time is changed ??

    That's a good idea on the random timer between 1-3 hours. it doesn't fully stop people from camping them but that's a step in right direction. point is if people are dead set on camping it they are gonna camp it. example. I'd just stick my alt character in the cave and monitor it.