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      Dark and Light 4/9 Update - Patch Notes   04/10/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Tuesday, 4/10, a patch with our first round of bug fixes and optimizations will be released ~2AM PST. Be sure to check out all of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below!
        Game Updates Optimized loading screen The loading bar will no longer be hidden when loading is stuck. We felt that optimization updates should also be included in the month of bug fixes/balance updates, and is something that we’re focused on going forward. Removed knowledge restriction on all spells and staffheads.  Adventurers no longer have to know a spell in order to use it. The only two exceptions to this rule are Telekinesis and Firestorm. Those are for Master Wizards only. Description text has been added to all harvestable resources to allow easy recognition. Optimized the visual effects for Rune of Restoration, Rune of Warmth, and Rune of Radiance. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Small Soul Suppression Stones were not working on Ice and Fire Imps. Fixed a bug where items placed in the three PvE experience workbenches would disappear after activation. Fixed a bug where the Qinaryss Gustclaw’s body would glitch on death. Fixed a bug where items in player customized inventory folders would disappear upon death. Fixed a issue where players were unable to dance at Bonfires. Fixed a bug where players would run into a collision issue at the entrance of Blackice Peaks cause their Adventurer to float.

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  2. I’m gonna edit this in fear of the tears. Good to go, sorry guys! 🤗🤷‍♂️
  3. Yea that’s probably a good call. I didn’t see a off topic part
  4. Yesterday
  5. Dhew take it down about 5 notches... its one thing to spam your private server on every possible forum, twitch stream, reddit, and steam thread like you have, but to promote another game here is just poor form.
  6. Well I was looking for an off topic area but they don’t have one 🤷‍♂️
  7. Any updates?
  8. Cool!
  9. People got sad.
  10. Yes, we run DnL: Resurrection. Just search for it on the list of unofficial. Up to about 8 active players during the day, and a little more on evenings. We have 4 international players as well. So far the community is good. Check it out. A couple of people will begin working on some very controlled mods that the community wants to see developed. Fantasy themed, in accordance with DnL lore.
  11. This soap opera kind of reads like Squawk is mad that DHew took some, if not most of the server population with him to a private server where he can’t raid anyone anymore. Also, let’s not forget how Squawk put out how to do exploits on the official forums believing this was ok to do since he thought the Snail Team wasn’t going to do anything about it, while they were investigating to issue to keep things fair across the board. So basically Squawk said to the whole Dark and Light community I am going to ruin your fun because I can attitude. True gamer never exploits or use mechanics they believe are unfair and they damn so don’t share it on the forums to ruin the community enjoyment because they pissed about one thing or another.......true gamers will just leave and find another game to enjoy.
  12. I love it all! The more Streamer the better........A lot of these streamers are very good! Love them all! Enjoy the game and have fun!!! I have learned a lot about this game from all of these guys.....Some are just to PRO like the (Thecpharmer group) http://twitch.tv/thcpharmer what they are doing will make you sick! But they have put a lot of hard work and time into what they do and are very helpful. So if you want to be surprised a little then, hit up (Mr. Fun) https://www.twitch.tv/mrfun01 like that guys also just to listen to and chill with as you are playing your own game. If you want some chill time off the wall type Conversation hit up the elegant (Ms. Jordnik ) http://twitch.tv/jordnik But always have fun and keep the channels Clean and respectful when you visited these streamers, please!
  13. Ninjacuddles, what exactly are these screen shots supposed to show? Looks like he’s telling you exactly what’s going on with the cheating on our server and you do nothing but mock the fellow. I’ve read through these posts between DHew and everyone else and all I can say is what he or she is saying appears to be accurate. Now they stop responding and you all just can’t stop replying with nonsense. I think my time on US Knight 7 is also done. Thank god I didn’t spend that much time there. DHew are you the runner of the private server they keep mocking you over? Please PM me with details.
  14. Since all anyone wants to do is post chats I'll follow.
  15. BTW Squawk was not involved in the raid.
  16. Dale, you need to remember this is just a game. You can continue to spread lies all you want no one really cares it's not like hundreds of people are reading this post. I've helped you plenty but it seems you just use people to get what you want.
  17. I did not try to get anyone to respond. Additionally, it's an open discord so having a "mole" in it or not doesn't really matter to me.
  18. I’m trying to remain neutral in this as an anonymous US Knight 7 server, but it’s obvious what Squawk is doing here. Trying to manipulate dhew. I’ve never had a problem with dhew as he’s always helped newbies to the server and I’m okay with that. Check out these screen shots from us Knight 7 of Sharon sticking up for Dhew in response to Squawks post about him allegedly using an infernos to steal legendary items from her. Caught red handed lying Squawk, again. So who are you lying to? Your discord friends or this forum? I can now see exactly why no body likes you. Except of course for all those friends you have, somewhere. People are sticking up for DHew and some of you can’t stand it.
  19. Last week
  20. Squawk, I hardly talked to you when we came back to the server. You weren't worth time giving attention too, we left the server of the principle that you couldn't be an adult over a petty situation that you attempted to dominate in. That being the betrayal that was performed by you, if you had done it with us not being in an alliance with you in the first place that would have been completely different, but your action of removing us from the alliance and then attacking us is where you fucked up. Which is why we had left, we only came back after you had apologized (which I've mentioned before) and told us about the changes that were going to be made to the server which interested us. We had contemplated on just going to a private server, but we decided to give your vision for the server a chance. Honestly though I don't give a fuck about the end result, it is unfortunate that we chose to come back when we should of known better, but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your proved me wrong in that, and proved two of my friends right, who weren't really keen on giving you a chance. I don't care how many friends you have or think you have on s7, that doesn't really mean anything, since my entire house are my friends and I play on a server (when I decide to get on DnL) with several of my friends from my original server. *shrugs* I'm not playing a popularity contest with you, nor am I looking to try to end up on top of the mountain before you. I don't care what you think of me because it isn't a popularity contest, and in the end of the day, it ends between us in the concept that you don't keep your word, you can't be trusted, and are a shitty leader, while I can keep my word, I can be trusted and I'm clearly a better leader because my guild followed me from s7 to s1, back to s7, till we all stepped away from DnL for now. If I was a shitty leader they would of left after all the shit we had to deal with coming from you. But as said previous, you can do as you please, no one other than your circle are around to watch you, keep playing a game that you have apparently quit playing but can't seem to stay away from. And I shall continue on with my life. Best of luck in all your endeavors whatever they may be, and good luck with your server, maybe future players will have better interactions with you and your circle of people. I'm stepping away from this forum now, and won't be replying to any future posts made here. Good luck with whatever life takes/gives you Keegan
  21. The list of DNL streamers to watch should start with these names. They have streamed daily for months and months and months. Twitch.tv/Knightinshiningtinfoil twitch.tv/thcpharmer twitch.tv/jordnik twitch.tv/Mitch4170 twitch.tv/Psibrr01 A few more streamers out there that dont stream as daily as the above do but show off content. I'd suggest to all browse by game on twitch to see all Dark and Light streams.
  22. Yea I believe those are the worst servers when it comes to griefing, exploiting, and hacking. If you’re not too deep, I’d try to find another
  23. Submit a ticket. Lots of shady toxic people on eu k 5
  24. Would be a good idea that the Dev's/GMs do the same also! This is a good game for streamers I think!
  25. Cool, I think this is a good way to improve the player flow and retention of this game. I also would like people to tune in and watch these guys in support as you play your own game.
  26. Your need for even the illusion of control is creepy. But since your work here is done it sounds like we won't have to hear any more of your whining. Typical forum trope: get ahead of someone's response so you can feel like you were in control of it. How'd that work out with your tames and your base? I liked the part where you claim you just 'opened the doors' for people when instead you couldn't even swap shields fast enough to keep your base from getting demolished. Where was the exploit? I offered to post a video directly to someone who works at Snail. I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Go ahead, your work is done but you are gonna have to get the last word on this or it'll eat at you all weekend. See what I did there? We can both be forum trolls. At least I still have a base to log in.
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