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  2. Posiadamy discorda, który służy członkom serwera do komunikacji, oraz lepszej wymianie handlowej. Można wejść, pośmiać się i uczestniczyć w konkursach serwera czy to na najpiękniejszą budowlę, czy też za najbogatszego gracza. ZAPRASZAMY ! ! ! Posiadamy również grupę na facebooku dla ogólnej polskiej społeczności gry. ZAPRASZAMY ! ! ! IP SERWERA : Wstępne zasady serwera: - Polityka między klanami – użyj dyplomacji lub siły! - Normalne zdobywanie doświadczenia – to trudny świat, więc nic nie przychodzi łatwo… - Polska społeczność! - Aktywni admini - Gwarantujemy długoterminowość serwera! Jesteśmy zaangażowani w tą grę, a więc serwer nie zniknie po miesiącu! - Regulamin serwera jest w trakcie budowy, wszystkie ustawienia są tak, jak na oficjalnych serwerach (vanilla) poza jednym, gdzie ilość wypadającego mięsa ze zwierząt jest x2
  3. Adventurers, We are aware of the current server instability and we are working on a fix. We apologize for this inconvenience and will have this looked into as soon as possible. Please note we are also actively noting and monitoring your feedback on the post update issues. We also encourage you all to post your reports on this discussion so we can hopefully get the issues resolved. Thank you all again for your patience with this!
  4. Das-Bier

    UPCOMING UPDATE: Patch notes for Nov. 15th

    Knight In Shining Tin Foil thx for your anwser. in what time u think we will get a new fix? and in what time can use the saurian incernation.? if possible can u send a msg to the dev tea mthat the can bring info Stats to the Caster Staff about what they do (cast speed, dmg multipl.other bonis) and PLEASE make the necro staff enchantable "Tag: Forging", that would be realy great
  5. Knight In Shining Tin Foil

    UPCOMING UPDATE: Patch notes for Nov. 15th

    Hi Das-Bier, We are aware of the crashing issue that has happened since the update. I've passed along all relevant information to the development team for them to look into a fix asap. Thank you for letting us know there are a few extra things that have changed! With the 2 energy enchant points being changed, do you mean the leylines? Have you had the chance to test if the one in the Necromancer area is now accessible, as it's previous location it was not. Happy adventuring, Knight
  6. Das-Bier

    UPCOMING UPDATE: Patch notes for Nov. 15th

    Dear Stormborn we get since update alot of cashes if one new player connect to our server and want to use the character creating modul. ------- additional, the change list u posted isnt complete, -now the fertilizer duration is good increased -the way to create fertilizer is good changes un eed every the smaller one -2 energy enchant points changed, that one in de Saurian camp and Nekro Camp
  7. RainGnyu

    UPCOMING UPDATE: Patch notes for Nov. 15th

    Very Nice! Love it
  8. I have found the following issues on the US Master Builder Server. Please look into fixing them or at least give us some info on whats going on with them. * Horses still do not spawn. * Centaur Chieftains still do not spawn. * Dragons still do not spawn. These have been messed up for so long now. Will you please fix these?
  9. Stormborn

    Thank you for cleaning up official forums!

    Thank you for your suggestions Rain! The current state of the forums has been passed up to our developers and is being looked into. I do apologize for the inconvenience and just know this is being looked into. I also want to see them thrive ❤️
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  11. Greeting Adventurers, We will be pushing an update at 12:00 am PST on November 15th. Please keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closed for update and keep an eye out for your items and tame! You can check out all of the changes in the full patch notes below: Important Changes Elemental Tower Elemental Tower will shoot Magic Ammo in a quicker and more accurate fashion Added a new facility structure - Magic Ammo Hub, which can be unlocked in Thaumaturgy Knowledge, and automatically refuels Elemental Tower with Magic Ammo within a certain range from Magic Ammo Hub Satyr Incarnation RMB attack The base damage of its RMB attack, Lightning Spear will be determined by the weapon that the players are currently equipping with Character’s damage multiplier will have an additional 50% damage increase in Lightning Spear Tier II Satyr Incarnation will throw 2 Lightning Spear, with one RMB click, and Tier III Satyr Incarnation will throw 3 Removed Gabboween changes, and restore them to regular content Implemented German Localization - Please take note that we are still working on making sure the German localization is accurate, and we ask the community to assist us in proofreading it in Fixed an issue where allied houses can activate multiple House Seal at the same location to keep the base from being raided Changes Increased the feeding radius for Wooden Feeding Trough and Stone Feeding Trough so tames are lessly like to die of hunger Treant’s plant-growth promotion is back and can be activated the in a tamed Treant’s action wheel Reduce the crafting cost for manor framework structures and framework structures Fixes Environment Fixed some terrains that are getting players stuck Fixed some terrains and assets that players can glitch through Fixed some floating vegetation assets Fixed some vegetation assets not being displayed correctly Fixed some Darkstone deposit that’s not being displayed correctly Fixed some servers that are constantly raining Creatures Fixed an issue where Behemoth is getting spawned repeatedly more than once in the desert Fixed an issue where Elite Owl stays immobilized after it is hit by Hook Arrow Fixed an issue where Kormut Bloatgullet is attacking other creature corpse and not being aggroed when attacked by others Fixed an issue where the server restart will respawn altar-summoned elites, bosses, and Mythicals which were killed before server restart Fixed an issue where vfx such as burning vfx and poison vfx will be visually enlarged when they hit larger creatures, such as elites and bosses Fixed an issue where United Army guards will attack tames Fixed an issue where outpost Kebo will not despawn after the timer is up Fixed an issue where creatures are getting spawned inside enclosed houses or on top of houses Fixed an issue where Uillip doesn’t have the correct slot amount in its inventory Character and Incarnation Fixed an issue where using shape shifting runes after player picked up a tame owl will have the owl attached to the shapeshifted character Fixed the Gorgon and Satyr-incarnated character sliding issue when changing equipments, drinking and eating Fixed an issue where character’s hand glitched through Gladiator Hide Shield Fixed an issue where character cannot move themselves until after the player stops dancing around the Bonfire Fixed an issue where Tier II Satyr-incarnated character cannot use Rune of Warmth, Rune of Light and other runes Fixed an issue where Satyr Stone Spear is not being displayed correctly when equipped in the hand of Satyr-incarnated character Fixed an issue where Satyr-incarnated character doesn’t play audio when eating, drinking and using spell Fixed an issue where 0/5 is being displayed in the left top corner in the hotbar slot for Spear of Hel Fixed an issue where killing Chimera doesn’t complete the quest Fixed an issue where male character animation is incorrect when equipping Iron Hammer Items and Facility Fixed an issue where “transfer all” will also transfer items in the hotbar Fixed an issue where revived Ice Imp cannot get out of the Summoning Pool Fixed an issue where Storm Essence has an incorrect icon Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor cannot be moved after Balefire Sabaton exhausted the Fire Essence needed for the sprinting Fixed an issue stamina is not being used when the character is shape-shifted into Bear and Wolf Fixed an issue where Sky Fortress is getting stuck when flying close to the ground Fixed an issue where Sky Fortress is not correctly displayed in its inventory Localization Fixed some localization Thank you so much for taking the time to read the patch notes, All feedback is welcome! Please know we are working to the best of our ability to get this resolved and hope that you are enjoying the new DLC, Shard of faith!
  12. Stormborn

    No, I'm not Santa Claus

    The nightmare before...Krampus!
  13. Adventurers! We hope you are enjoying the new DLC Shard of Faith! Currently we are seeking some volunteers to assist us with translation for the German localization of the game. Below is a doc, and if you are willing to assist please feel free to help translate. We appreciate your help with this and hope you continue to enjoy the event! German Localization Doc
  14. Prince Louiz

    Gabboween Screenshot Event Winners!

    yay im glad to reach 2nd but how do i get the prize?
  15. RainGnyu

    Gabboween Screenshot Event Winners!

    Nice job.........congratulations!
  16. Na it was a currently alive Windrider. Looks like about 10 of them had their attack reduced and two Colossus also. Seems like killing them and re-leveling them fixed the few that I've done but takes awhile to re-level them all.
  17. Shard of Faith map. I have over 100 reservoir tanks, all the piping is in place, routing to my plots, and here is zero water filling in the tanks after it rains and my plots remain dry. Anyone else with this issue?
  18. was this windrider revived in a summoning pool by chance? revived creatures sometimes have wrong numbers which correct themself by server reboot. i had the same once, my dragon had 4200 carry weight after revive and after next server reboot it droped to 3500 weight.
  19. Stormborn

    Gabboween Screenshot Event Winners!

    Adventurers, We hope you’ve all enjoyed another great Gobboween event and we enjoyed seeing all the festive screenshots! Lets celebrate by announcing the winners! We asked and you voted: Community chosen winner: Congratulations Mosfett as the first place overall winner! It was hard for us to choose our top three as we think that everyone did a great job! Winners picked by the community team: Congrats to PrinceTito for 1st place runner up! 2nd place goes to: Kyra And 3rd place to Theodradek7! Let's give it up for our 4 winners! Thank you all again for participating and we can’t wait for the next event! Until then, happy hunting Adventurers!
  20. Thank you for cleaning up the official forums because this is a better place to talk about the game and what we can suggest to improve it. I want to push this on the steam forums and try to move people to the official but I need the Snail Team to make sure this website (forums) security is up to date. Plus can we get someone to make it more exciting to come to? More eye catching......pretty please?
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  22. wildbill

    Wild Werewolf

    You can always hover over it and it shows you that it is normally not tameable and that it is a carnivore, so it should eat meat. Also try the dossier, although I've yet to look in there. I'm seeing the wiki slowly be updated, but similar to when the game first came out it seems to take forever for things to be documented. I'm making my own lists of stuff as I figure things out.
  23. wildbill

    Gaia Creatures on Archos?

    The new Gaia creatures are not on Archos from what I've seen and heard. If you want to see them, play the free DLC for those that already payed for DnL. That is what I'm doing. I'm having a lot of fun riding around on a bear (still has bears) and elephant. Those two haven't changed as far as I know. The new creatures except the new type of pig/boar are insanely hard to get saddles for. I've yet to get any of the new saddles after playing about 3 weeks.
  24. wildbill

    Flying mounts, towns, and coin

    Yes, no flying mounts. No horses. No stables for the no horses, but stables for kebos (no idea why they added kebos). You can exchange goods. No towns, now there are outposts. Each one has a vendor (also there are other locations with vendors). They work similar to before, but apparently you can't donate. I think there is no need to donate, what they give is possibly based on you skills, not sure. There are no merchants that I know of, only vendors. This is a whole new game really, don't expect it to work like before. Now there are multiple different coins in use. The outposts all use the same coin, but vendors not at outposts all use a different type of coin. It is early access, of course there are updates. Was that a rhetorical question? 😁 BTW, I actually prefer this over the original, way more interesting. Much more challenging I think. I'm actually trying to do the bosses and elites. In the original, when I saw how the ice cave was made, tried it once, and said I'll pass on this. Also you didn't mention forging, that seems to have changed a bit, and is now even more confusing. I've yet to find an active leyline (has to do with the no flyer's part). How is anyone supposed to go around and check all the leylines and find the one that is active with no flyers? Before I think you could do that in half and hour or so. Now it would take a couple hours. Maybe they don't want us to improve stuff this way now?
  25. Windrider went from 277.8% attack to 244.4% after update was there an intended change to their damage that wasn't listed?
  26. Knight In Shining Tin Foil

    Usage of uncommon/rare materials in regular crafting

    Hi Zerg, Materials that are higher in your inventory get used first, this goes for the hotbar too, if you have items in your hotbar, these will be priority, then the highest within your inventory. A fix for using higher grade materials would be just to make sure your rare/uncommon materials aren't at the top, just take a few seconds to double check and move the items lower in your inventory that you do not wish to use. Or store higher grade materials separately. With that being said however, I will pass along to the development team about introducing a change where higher grade materials potentially cannot be used in this manner. Sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing you. Happy adventuring, Knight
  27. Eskar

    Dungeon workbench

    This not going to get addressed?
  28. Stormborn

    Clean up the forums

    Hey guys, I'm doing the best I can to get this looked into. I have been in and out of office a good bit lately but This is something on the priority list and is being looked into. I apologize for the inconvenience with some of the functionality.
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