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      Dark and Light 2/8 - Patch Notes   02/08/2018

      Greeting Adventurers, The Spring Festival is approaching and we’ll be deploying a small patch on Thursday, February 8th at ~1AM PST to accompany it. You can see all of the changes in our full patch notes below. General Updates Localization Fixes We’ve recently received player feedback concerning the localization of Dark and Light into different languages. The development team has verified some files that have been causing the localization issue, and fixed them. Our Adventurers should now be able to play DnL in their native languages now. If you notice any incorrect translation in localization, please send your feedback to our official forums! Our Community Localization Project is still ongoing, and many Adventurers have assisted us with it. If you too would like to contribute to localizing Dark and Light into a different language, you can visit our Crowdin here! Remove Structure Demolish Timer Structure demolish timers has been a topic of the community for some time, so we’ve decided to remove it for now. Our initial intention for having the demolish timer was to prevent server delays caused by an excessive amount of structures on the map. We’ve however kept the demolish time in PvE servers for the time being. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how they are affecting the gameplay of these servers to determine if they need to be removed as well. Players will still be able to see a timer on the structures, however, when the timer is up, the structures will not be demolished automatically. Instead, other players will be able to manually demolish it by pressing E. Structures left unattended can also be manually demolished by players in this same way. New Content Ancient Fireworks To celebrate The Spring  Festival, we’ve added a new item, Holiday Fireworks. Ancient Festive Fireworks (Golden): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Worship Ceremonial Fireworks (Green): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amount from cave bosses Ancient Festive Fireworks (Blue): rare drop from barrels, city vendors have a chance to sell them, drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Blessing Fireworks (purple) : only drop from cave bosses When The Spring Festival is over, we’ll remove fireworks drops from the barrels, but they will still be available at city vendors. Cave bosses might drop the recipes for crafting fireworks, which can then be used at the Advanced Millstone/Mortar and Pestle in order to craft them. These recipes won’t be removed once The Spring Festival is over. During The Spring Festival, all the three cities will have fireworks shown at 12AM PST. Standing Torch Flame Effects The community has expressed to us how much they enjoy the different color fires standing torches has. We’ve decided to add a few more since they’ve been so popular! Straw and wood can turn the flame yellow Magic shards can turn the flame purple Bone can turn the flame blue In addition to these, we’re adding two more effects in honor of the Spring Festival!. Fire Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s yellow glittering effect Water Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s blue glittering effect Each elemental core will last for 15 minutes. While it lasts, flame effect won’t be changed if you place a different type of elemental core in it. These effects won’t be removed after The Spring Festival! Optimizations Optimized the Peregriff’s textures Optimized the Wind Rider’s flying animation and flying audio Optimized the map at the login UI, adding tips to remind players selecting an area for respawn. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where some items are more often than others. We’re continuing to test and adjust the city vendors and what they sell. Fixed a bug where the floor in the Talos Royal Court lacks collision Fixed a bug where Estel structures are not showing in their entirety. Fixed a bug where Infernus Dragon will graphical issues after being killed. We understand that there are still many gameplay and system bugs in Dark and Light, and we’ll be continue to work on optimizing and fixing these bugs in future patches. We’ll also be optimizing stats values, gameplay balance, and other features in DnL, starting in February. New Servers On February 8, we will release three new Chaos servers. In these servers, structures HP will be reduced to 1% of a regular official PVE or PVP servers. Harvest rate and experience gained will start at standard rates, and we’ll enable multipliers at a later time.

Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

This announcement is no longer active


Greetings Adventurers! On Thursday, 1/18 ~1AM a large patch with content updates and bug fixes will be released.. Be sure to check out the adjustments made to Dark and Light in our patch notes below. 

Airship Patch.png

Mobile Fortresses Deployed on Archos!

  • The Goblins engineers of Archos have been quietly working on a machine that would allow them to take to the skies. By mastering their art, Adventurers are now able to craft the Mobile Fortress. 
  • By unlocking Rank 4 of Goblin Engineering, Adventurers are able to start the production of their own Mobile Fortress.
  • Adventurers will first need to make a Dock to begin their construction.
  • From there, the construction of the Mobile Fortress begins and the installation of the control panel allows for control of the fortress.
  • Add defensive measures, such as spell towers, and customize your Mobile Fortress to suit your needs and preferences.
    • Goblin Artillery is a new defensive structure that will be added in a coming patch.
    • For now, a standard ceiling has been applied to all Mobile Fortresses until it is better optimized for customization.

Blackice Peaks and Scalding Abyss Adjustments

We’ve been looking into the balance of these experiences for some time now, and hope that these changes will open this content up to more players so they are able to experience these trials.

Creature Health Adjustments

  • Bytorg the Frost Bound has had his health reduced to 2/3 of its current value, and breath attack animation has been increased allowing more time for players to react.
  • Bel’Xahl the Scorched has had their constitution decreased to half of its original value, and his health reduced to 2/3 of its original value.
  • All creatures inside both Blackice Peaks and the Scalding Abyss have had their health reduced by half.

Item Crafting Adjustments

  • Instead of dropping multiple required crafting items, both bosses will now drop a new elemental essence that will be used to create the armor and weapons offered by each cave.
  • Bytorg will now drop Frost Essence and Bel’Xahl will drop Fire Essence.
  • Players will be able to trade in any crafting items they currently have from Blackice Peaks or the Scalding Abyss for Fire or Frost Essence depending on the crafting material.
  • Creatures in both Blackice Peaks and the Scalding Abyss can drop essence as well.
  • Both bosses can now drop schemas as well as completed high quality items when defeated.
  • In a future patch, vendors will be added to each cave who will sell rare items and equipment.

Starting Area Changes

  • We’ve received a lot of players feedback about high-level monster near the main city. This was a major threat to new players and we want to ease new Adventurers into these experiences instead of having it be their first. We’ve adjusted the spawn rules around the three main cities so that lower-level and less-threatening creatures spawn there. This does not prevent some high-level creatures from walking around the main city threatening budding Adventurers. We’re going to continue to keep an eye on these areas so that we may address issues as they come up. As always we appreciate your feedback and support during Dark and Light’s Early Access period.

General Updates

  • Starting Armor has for all Adventurers has changed.
    • Adventurers now are ready for their journey into the wild and start with full leather armor.
    • Leather Armor now provides 15 armor instead of 25, has a durability of 30 instead of 45, weight of 2 instead of 3, and retains the same heat and cold resistances as the previous version.
    • Crafting materials needed for this armor set has also been reduced to match the drop in armor and durability. 
    • The full armor set has now been moved from Armor Rank 2 to Armor Rank 1 in the Knowledge Tree
  • Holiday snow has been removed, however the holiday creatures around Archos are going to stay a bit longer.
  • Temperature around Archos has been revered back to pre holiday event.
  • Presents around main cities will turn back to barrels.
  • Rules to declare war have changed.
    • In order to prevent players from escaping the war by changing their affiliation during the war, we make the following changes to the rules of war: When a player's House declares war or is declared war, it is not possible to leave the House.
  • Rental Sign storage function removal.
    • Because we’re disabling the ability to store items inside of rental signs, please remove any items that are stored inside of the rental property signs. After the next update, the rental signs will no longer have storage functions. We will be deleting some rental signs that are not used in the cities. In addition, we make the following changes to Magic Storage Boxes:
    • In every village outside of the major cities there will be a Large Magical Storage Box with 50 inventory spaces that players can rent for 1400 gold coins. Players in a house of 10 or less are eligible to rent one of these boxes, and the rental will last for 7 days.
  • Addition tames can now be painted using the painting feature.
    • Boar 
    • Elk
    • Fire Dragon
    • Gryphon
    • Peregriff
    • Deathstalker
    • Turkey
    • Wolf
    • Sheep
  • A new more decorative storage box has been added to Survival Rank 9.
  • Reduced the size of the feeding trough icon over tames indicating they are in range.

Terrain Adjustments

  • Adjusted terrain and removed excess stone on Dragon Island.
  • Terrain collision has been increased around volcano, snow capped mountains, and floating islands.
  • Adjusted pillars around Talos so that structures are no longer floating.
  • Fixed invisible wall that was blocking entrance to Scalding Abyss.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where there was a space between above the door and door frame for the Elven Manor.
  • Fixed a bug where placed Devil Bringer would not have a name when looked at.
  • Fixed a bug where Horses and Deathstalkers were getting stuck on hillsides. 
  • Fixed a bug where unlocked Shapeshift schemas weren’t castable.
  • Fixed a bug where Elven Manor Pillars could not be set near Elven Manor Walls.
  • Fixed a bug where Polymorph wasn’t castable.
  • Fixed a bug where some towers in the main cities would not load properly.